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Welcome - Benvenuti

This site is dedicated to our Emigrants from Aiello Calabro, it's purpose  is to find our old friends wherever they are around the world.

Through the GuestBook  is possible to exchange  messages with our old friends, remember Aiello Calabro the way it used to be and discover the way it is today.  Please feel free to send any photos or video clips of Festivals of Aiello Calabro to
 infoaiello@gmail.com and we will post them in our Photo Gallery and share them with all our friends and users.  We also appreciate information on the History, Traditions or any information that could help improve this site.

 8 Dicembre 2008Zampognari ad Aiello
Calabro for the Fest of the Immacolata Concezione

San Geniale 2009 Click to see more photos

Watch other videos of Aiello Calabro

Aiellesi Emigrants that still have in their
harts the images of their loved town.

Aiellesi Emigrants that landed at Ellis Island long ago

our kids very young emigrating in 1910

A great gratitude to all our fellow who knew how to give life to many communities around the world. Whose culture leave an indelible footprint in the countries hosting them, affecting the social fabric, but also in the economic structure, traditions, art, science and policy. They exported from Aiello many moral values of our people: the hard work, hospitality, solidarity, adherence to traditions, the stability of the family and respect for the elderly.

Stories of our Emigrants

Visit the boats our emigrants used to emigrate to their various destinations


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